The competition objective is to modify, validate functionality, and submit 50 working malicious PE files to evade open source machine learning models provided by Endgame. The competition will demonstrate a white box attack, wherein participants will have access to each model’s parameters and source code. The modified malware samples will be uploaded onto the MRG Effitas platform and detonated in VMRay. VMRay’s technology ensures full visibility into malware behavior, monitoring every interaction between the malware and the system. Points will be awarded to participants based on how many samples bypass each machine learning model. In particular, for each functional modified malware sample, one point is awarded for each ML model that it bypasses. Ties will be broken by earliest submission time.

To qualify for the prize (an NVIDIA TITAN RTX), the winner must publish source code and a blog post detailing how they successfully updated the malware to evade the machine learning model.

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